July 31, 2012-Bill York

I think Bill told me his first year at the Speedway was 1955. He was working for Stark and Wetzel. They sponsored the rookie of the year program and made some pretty tasty hot dogs and cold cuts:)

Bill’s job is to make sure media members have what they need to do their reports. He answers the reporters questions,  like how do I get an interview with Dario? Or  how many times did Helio win dancing with the stars? and where’s that place with the famous shrimp cocktail?

Mr York is a fixture in media centers not only at IMS but for the Pacers, Colts and Ice. A fine man for sure. One of the many social events in May is the birthday cake in the media center for Bill. Here’s the man himself doing the honors.

One comment

  1. Rodrigo Burotto · · Reply

    Great guy!
    Allways helpful, always nice.
    Had the pleasure to know him and work with him while covering Indycar for Chile from 1998 to 2002.

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