August 6, 2012-Dr Thomas Hanna

Dr Hanna took care of a luck of drivers and fans for years. See the People Magazine article link below.,,20079366,00.html

My favorite story pertaining to the good Doctor goes back to September of 1964 when the Beatles stayed at the Speedway Motor before their shows at the Fairgrounds the next day. John Lennon wasn’t feeling well and Dr Hanna was called. he gave the Beatle a B12 shot. The next day his daughter took the syringe to school to show her classmates!

The stone house is where Dr. Hanna lived. It was recently purchased and has been very well taken care of.


  1. Lenny Ten Barge · · Reply

    I am guessing hence the hanna medical center at one time,does anybody remember that or am I dreaming??

    1. Your memory is correct. That’s where the name came from:)

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