August 7, 2012-Sponsoring an Indy car

We opened One-Liners comedy club in Greenwood, IN. on December 31, 1992. One of the men who came through to help us was Gary Runyon who owned “Jacks Tool Rental” and “Party Time Rental” in Carmel, IN. When May rolled around, he was the primary sponsor and he had us put on Stan Fox’s Hemelgarn #91 entry. Thanks to Gary, I got to live out a dream as a small time sponsor for 3 years. The picture brings back unreal memories for me. Hanging out with Stan Fox was truly a learning experience:) Another fabulous memory is being that thin:)

The picture is me on the left, Stan Fox in the middle and “Doogie Howser”, his nick name. A Q95 engineer

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  1. Lenny Ten Barge · · Reply

    Stan was a class act!! Unfortunly he will be known for one of the most horriffic crashes at the speedway, a true sprint car racer.

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