August 11, 2012-IMS Radio Network Announcers

It’s safe to say that radio and the Indianapolis 500 go hand in hand. Millions of people make it a race day tradition to tune into the broadcast where ever they may be. Bill Slater was the anchor of some early broadcasts on the Mutual Network. I think this is him in the cut below

08-12-indianapolis-motor-speedway click here to listen

For a better history of the beginnings of radio coverage than I can give, let’s go to the expert Donald Davidson

Sid Collins is credited with starting the network as we know it today

Lou Palmer was a broadcasting pro. His work on the network and WIBC made his voice a fixture in the month of May.

The reason for this post? To show you a picture I took on the 9th floor of the Pagoda in the IMS Network Booth

It’s Bob Jenkins, Paul Page and Mile King. This was taken looking North out of the booth towards the 4th turn.

It’s been my pleasure to work with all 3 of these gentlemen in one way or another. I wish there had been a chance to work with Sid and Lou also.

If you attend the 500 and don’t take a radio and good set of headphones let me recommend you do so next opportunity. They will enhance you understanding of who, what and when. Plus few can make it sound as exciting:)

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  1. Our tradition, as a family, was a huge RaceDay party and cookout with the IMS Radio Network at the center of it all. As a matter of fact, we still do it every year, although it usually has to take place in my absence…

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