August 25, 2012-Goodyear Ad

In May of 1963 I started wearing glass’s. I remember the time of year because the day I got them, I was out in the front yard with my Dad while he changed the oil on our car. It was May and we lived near 30th & Georgetown, so the Goodyear Blimp flew over a lot and I saw it for the first time with corrected vision.

“Hey Dad, someone wrote Goodyear on the Blimp!” I was shocked when I found out it had been on there the whole time:)

Sorry about the distortion, time and old tapes have taken their toll

Goodyear Ad click here to listen


  1. Lenny Ten Barge · · Reply

    I think the speedway was the 1st place I saw the blimp, always a pleasant sight !!

  2. That’s one thing I miss about the 500. I loved seeing that blimp as a kid, especially when you got to see it flying at night with the sign board lit up!
    Hopefully they will return again one day.
    Loved hearing the old ad too. Having grown up in the 80s, I never heard these gems until WIBC started broadcasting the older races during their “All Night Race Party” some years ago. That just guarantees no sleep for me on race weekend…

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