September 10, 2012-Sammy Sessions Happy Birthday

Sammy could race on it all, pavement, dirt, snow, you name it. He was born on this date in 1935 in Nashville, Michigan and passed on December 17, 1977. Sam was the 1972 USAC Sprint Car National Champion and had 7 Indianapolis 500 starts between 1968 and 1975 with a best finish of 4th in 1972.


  1. Jim Williams · · Reply

    Hopefully this makes it to Dave Wilson.
    Thanks for sending this one out to everybody. I knew Sammy as a kid growing up. My uncle was Russ Dowden and he would take me up to Rufus Gray’s house and I knew many drivers including Mario, all who drove the Gapco Spl.
    Thanks again,
    Jim Williams

    1. I got it! Thanks for the kind words Jim. see ya at the track:)

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