October 4, 2012-Sarah Fisher Happy Birthday!

Happy Birthday Sarah! Who can’t be happy for this driver/Car owner? Always popular, won poles and I’ll say this about Sarah Fisher. Anyone who wins a USAC National Midget Race on the high banks at Winchester Speedway is a hell of a driver.

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  1. kenneth nichols · · Reply

    Dave,  Thanks for the interview with AJ. He is one off the most humble, un-ego driven people that I know. I count it as a major blessing just to know him and to drive for him was even better. I was at his 75th birthday party and I hope he has many more!  His cars were not has good as they were at one time but to drive for a legend….  In the mid 90’s I drove for him and at RIR in Virginia in practice Ziggy passed me on the straight like I was parked. We were pitted besides each other and after practice Ziggy told AJ that he needed to get that boy some horsepower (me).  AJ never said anything but when I stopped by his shop later that week he informed me that he had pulled the engine out and put it on the dyno and it was still making the same power as when he built it. So I asked him how strong it was and he proudly told me 600HP. Unfortunately then engines put out around 750HP!  Keep up the good work! Kenneth Nichols


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