October 11, 2012-Track Memories-Bill Durbin

If you have a picture you’d like to share with your fellow IMS Fans send it to: racinirl@gmail.com

Include a note about the pix, people, location, date, any other thoughts. We kick it off with Bill’s photo and thoughts. Thanks Mr. Durbin:)

Here’s a picture of me with Don Branson in the early 60’s. My brother would occasionally take me to the track and he always went to the “Snake Pit” in Turn 1. So, by the debris near the fence, I’m saying we are in Turn 1. I also have the autographs of A.J., Freddy Agabashian, and Gordon Cooper on the back of one of those old popcorn boxes they used to sell at the track. I got those is Turn 1 also. Just thought you might enjoy….hope all is well, and hope to see you in May!

By the way….if you’re not busy this Sat. evening, we (FOREVER The Tribute) are playing the grand opening of the new ampitheater in Fishers. Jenkins, and maybe Baker will be there. ….it’s also a chance to see me in a wig and heels!!!!

One comment

  1. hey dave wats up? don branson was my first racing hero!! glad to see a pic of him!

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