October 20, 2012-Start of the 1961 Indianapolis 500

Saw this photo on Facebook posted by “My Hero, My friend Jimmy Bryan” This is a Sports illustrated Photo of the 1961 parade lap. Eddie Sachs is on the pole in the #12. He has both hands off the wheel adjusting his goggles. next to him is the #3 of Don Branson who started 2nd. Jim Hurtubise starts 3rd but is out of the photo.  Inside the 2nd row is Rodger Ward, middle of the row is Parnelli Jones in his rookie year and outside in the #97 is Dick Rathman. The next row is AJ Foyt in his 4th start and his 1st win, middle of the 3rd row is Len Sutton and on the outside in the #14 is Bill Cheesbourg.

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  1. Steve Minniear · · Reply

    Great picture and just one of many that are put up daily at “My Hero, My friend Jimmy Bryan” on Facebook – a page well worth “friending.” No idea where he gets all the pictures, but they are an incredible look back at the roadster era of the 500 (still the best!).

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