December 3, 2012-Rick Mears Happy Birthday!

Great man, amazing race car driver:) His record at the Indianapolis Motor Speedway speaks for it’s self. 15 starts from 1978 to 1992. 4 wins, 6 poles, 9 top five finishes, led the race 9 years for a total of 429 laps. He had only 1 start outside the top 10 with 11 starts on the front row. Rick now works a a driver coach and spotter for team Penske. Mark Jaynes likes to tell the story of the crowds reaction to Rick’s arrival on race morning to the North East turn and the spotters stand. As he begins his climb up the grandstand steps, the race fans rise to their feet and applaud. a fitting tribute to a man who signs most of his autographs with “Thanks”

rick mears signedrick mearsTeresa and Rick mearsHere’s Rick with my friend Theresa Sudik.


  1. When I was a kid, I really didn’t like Rick Mears. Watching him roll out at 3pm on Pole Day and knock my favorites off the Pole, year after year, really got on my nerves.
    Of course, as I got older, I came to appreciate what an amazing driver and person he is. He could have gone on to win Indy a few more times I bet…

  2. Sandy Lyman Hintz · · Reply

    Does Rick still own the Mear’s tourist bus operation in Orlando, Florida?

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