December 5, 2012-Jim Hurtubise Happy Birthday

Born today in 1932 in North Tonawanda, NY. Herk passed away January 6, 1989 in Port Arthur, TX. He is interned at Crown Hill Cemetary in Indianapolis. Calling Jim “colorful” doesn’t do justice to this open wheel phenom.  Ten Indy starts with 2 of them from the front row. When he came to the Speedway in 1960 he nearly broke the magical 150 MPH barrier.

One afternoon in the early 80’s I was driving through Clermont, IN when I saw Jim walk in the Raceway tavern. I swung over and followed him inside and bought him a beer, a Pabst Blue Ribbon if I remember correctly. We had a great chat and he insisted on buying me one also. Great racer, superb gentleman.







herk 1966






herk 1965

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