December 27, 2012- Who are these guys?

Answer tomorrow. Hint: 1 of them is an Indy winner, the youngest to ever.

3 amigos



  1. I believe I can name two:
    L to R – Troy Ruttman (youngest winner, 1952), Eddie Sachs and ???

  2. Ruttman, Sachs, O’Conner—–Troy, Eddie, Pat—– last two destined to die during future 500’s.

    1. Great job Sandy! Thanks

  3. Troy Ruttman on the left. Eddie Sachs in the middle. I’m stumped by the other man.

    1. Pat O’Connor on the right, Thanks

  4. I think I’ve got it now.
    L to R: Troy Ruttman, Eddie Sachs & Pat O’Conner
    This picture may have been taken in 1957 – Eddie Sachs was a rookie.

    1. Spell Check – Pat O’Connor

    2. Right on, thanks!

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