December 29, 2012-Who are these guys and yesterdays answer

Yesterdays picture included Robert Doornbos, Graham Rahal, Tony Kanaan, host Mike King and for extra credit in the back long time IMS employee John Royer.

Now, who are these guys?

rick muther, steve krisiloff, mike mosley


  1. Lenny Ten Barge · · Reply

    the one on the left looks like don garlits???

  2. Sandy Hintz · · Reply

    I recognize Steve in the middle. Once was one of the Hulman/George son-in-laws.
    wonder what he is doing now? They gave him some weird jobs like being in charge of that run down shopping center on 16th Street and also had him policing sponsor logos in the garage area. Pissed us off, too, as we felt they should be nicer to the handfull of sponsors they had.

  3. Not too sure about this one, but is it (l-r) Pancho Carter, Steve Krisoloff and Johnnie Parsons Jr.?

    1. Hey Bryan,
      Good guess, Rick certainly has Poncho’s hair:)

  4. I believe it’s Rick Muther, Steve Krisiloff & Mike Mosley

  5. Bruce and Lin Brody · · Reply

    the guy in the red shirt is my cousin Steve Krisiloff

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