December 31, 2012-Who are these guys and answers to last quiz

The last photo showed Rick Muther on the left, Steve Krisiloff in the middle front and Mike Mosley on the right. Rick had 3 starts at Indy in 10 attempts with a best finish of 8th in 1970. Steve had 11 starts with 5 top 10’s best finish of 4th in 1978. Mike had 15 starts, 2 from the front row and a best finish of 3rd in 1979.

Now who are these guys? Two are easy with 7 Indy wins between them but who is the gentleman in the middle?

Al, Louis, Bobby Unser 1964




  1. Tom Morris · · Reply

    Al Sr–Louie Unser–Bobby Unser

  2. Al Unser left….Bobby Marshman (Marseman?) center….Bobby Unser right.

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