January 1, 2013-Who are these people? Answer of yesterdays question

Yesterdays picture showed Al Unser left, Bobby Unser right and Louis Unser. Photo taken I think around 1964!

Up next, who is the driver, the interviewer and the lady on the right?

Bob SweikertCharlieBrockmanDinahShore


  1. Don’t recognise the driver, but that’s Hallmark Card Store owner Charlie Brockman doing the interview and singer Dina Shore to the right.

  2. JD Fergy · · Reply

    Diana Shore was a guest of the speedway in 1955.
    The driver and winner was Bob Sweikert driving a car entered by John Zink.
    Unfortunately Sweikert was killed the following year at Salem.
    Charlie Brockman did the interview in victory lane. I believe he was the victory lane reporter in 1955, 56 and 57.

    This was also the year Bill Vukovich was killed while leading the race.

    1. I remember meeting Charlie at the Holiday Inn high rise hotel in downtown Chicago in January of February of 1970 or 71. I was in town to supervise the installation of an Allis-Chalmers heavy equipment exhibit for a trade show, and he was there to attend a gift shop owner convention with his wife. I recognized him from his distinctive voice while they were having dinner at the table next to mine. When I moved to Indy in 1984, he and his wife still operated the Hallmark store next to the Kroger in the Speedway Shopping Center.

      1. Good Stuff…

        Also, his name first appears on the IMS radio broadcast roster beginning in 1955 but isn’t listed any longer after 1957. I wonder if 1957 was it for him as far as the radio broadcasts were concerned?

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