January 2, 2013-Robby Gordon and Bob Wilson Happy Birthday and yesterdays answer

Yesterdays picture was victory lane in 1955.  Bob Sweikert is the winning driver. I think this was AJ Watson’s first 500 victory too. Charlie Brockman is doing the interview for the IMS radio network. Charlie was a radio/TV personality and was President of USAC . He also owned a Hobby Store in the Speedway Shopping Center. Dinah Shore was a special guest of the Speedway that year. She sang “Back Home Again” and congratulated Bob in victory lane.

Robby Gordon was born this day in 1969. He is one of 3 drivers to do the double, racing at Indy and Charlotte on the same day. He competed in ten 500’s with five top 10 finishes and five top 10 starts. In 1999 he ran out of gas on the last lap coasting home to 4th. After that 500 I was in gasoline ally with Donald Davidson doing the “Talk of Gasoline Ally” . Robby came walking through the garage area on his way out, I motioned him over to join us. He sat down, put on the head set and said “4th place sucks!”

robby gordon 1 robby gordon 2 robby gordon 3


Bob Wilson is my Dad and turns 81 today. A Marine Corp vet of the Korean War, he worked 42 years at Allison’s then another 18 years in the Indianapolis Motor Speedway Press room. he said his job in the media center was to “hold up the copier”. Happy Birthday Dad:)

Mom and Dad Wilson

Mom and Dad Wilson


  1. Kevin Rusnak · · Reply

    Charlotte, not Daytona 🙂

    1. Crap, you’re right. I’ll change it. Thanks

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