January 7, 2013-Who is this guy and yesterdays answer.

Yesterday’s photo was of Eddie Rickenbacker! WWI flying ace, owner of the Indianapolis Motor Speedway and founder of Eastern Airlines. After WWII, Eddie sold the Speedway to Tony Hulman.

Now, this one’s easy, who is this guy?



  1. Bryan Be · · Reply

    Why that’s Jim Clark. Love these pics Dave!

  2. Scotland’s own Jim Clark, looking not unlike Brian Bedford who played a role of a “Jim Clark” type driver in John Frankenheimer’s excellent film “Grand Prix” (the finest film about auto racing yet created). A brief clip of the real Clark was used in the film, but he could not be talked into participating more. However, Graham Hill did play a role in the film, as well as a few other F-1 drivers. Filmed entirely on location in Super Panavision 70mm, it has to be seen in that format by anyone who loves racing. (In Indy, bug the White River Park State Museum to run it again. They have a second projector that can run standard 70mm film prints. Would be a great place to use the screening to help raise money for Riley Hospital. Just an idea………………………….)

  3. in my humble oppinon the best driver from europe to ever turn a wheel in america bar none! if his life had been shortened he would have done even more here in the us!

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