January 18, 2013-Grandstand E still missing

Some new views and pictures of the still being cleaned up Grandstand E

DSCF2701 DSCF2702 E stand missing 011613 E stand missing B 011613


  1. Sandy Hintz · · Reply

    I heard E was haunted since the guy from Wisconsin got hit by the flying wheel. I wonder if the basement of the Museum is haunted too?

    1. Bryan Be · · Reply

      I think that was turn 3 actually.

      1. Actually I thought the victim was from Michigan and that he was standing behind the grandstands in the north short chute when hit. I believe Roberto Guerrero was the driver who hit the tire. I could be misremembering though.

        Anyway, I was sitting in L-South that year (turn 3) – 1987

      2. Sandy Hintz · ·

        The tire came off of Tony Bettanhausen’s car, Guerrero punted it, and the guy was from Wisconsin sitting in the very top row looking North towards the back 40. He never saw it coming.

      3. Yeah, just did a search on it. Apparently the tire had been on Bettenhausen’s car for 56 laps prior to coming off – what are the chances? Anyway, the victim was a long-time attendee… true tragedy. I believe they tether wheels to the bulkhead/chassis these days limiting the chance that this will occur again.

  2. Sue Zobbe · · Reply

    Picture at the top – Steve Krisiloff, Mike Mosley, and —– Art Garfunkel? No, really, I should know who that is but just can’t bring it up.

    1. It’s Rick Muther:)

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