January 23, 2013-Doing the show in the Garage Area

Ernie Mills took this picture of Big Joe Staysniak and I starting out our live show on WIBC in the Garages during a practice day. Looks nice and warm doesn’t it:)

Big Joe-Me


  1. Phil Berg · · Reply

    Just a little over 4 months Dave!!! Hope it starts the warming trend in April!!! Cant wait to get my Bronze Badge

    1. Can’t wait too!

    2. Bryan Be · · Reply

      Speaking of the Bronze Badge…..does it give you access to the pits as well as the garage area?

      1. Bryan, Bronze badge will not get you in the pits. It gets you on the grounds and in the Garage area,not sure what it will do for you on race day.

      2. Thanks Dave. I have always wondered who all those people are that get to hang out in the pits. It seems kind of dangerous, and they are mostly in the way, but it would be cool..

      3. Phil Berg · ·

        No i wish it did. I think you have to have a silver badge for that and I believe you have to know someone to get one of those

  2. Sandy Hintz · · Reply

    Were you doing Donald’s “Talk from Gasoline Alley” too at that time? I sure wish you were back at WIBC. Can’t stand the replacement after Dana’s 3pm talk show.

    1. Yes, I was sitting in with Donald from 1996 to 2008

  3. Can’t wait until May either… Anyone remember opening day in the late 80s (1987 I believe) when there were light snow flurries? Let’s hope for more of last years’ weather.

    Anyway, since they’re honoring Parnelli Jones this year, anyone have any memories from the 1963 race? I was born in 1964 so I have none. However, watching him take out Ol’ Calhoun last year for a few laps during qualifying was amazing. I really wish I could have seen a race during the roadster era. Oh well, I have the radio broadcast, and with Sid Collins and the gang describing the race, it’s the next best thing.

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