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February 28, 2013-Toro Tractor race on Monument Circle

Every May Toro would stage a tractor race between my afternoon show and the WIBC morning show. Usually¬†we would win because we cheated:) Big Joe would pull their plug wire loose or let air out of their tires. Of course I did the PA which left space on my team to recruit ringers. This year […]

February 27, 2013-The Ally Cats

February 26, 2013-Patrick Racing

A Perry Fauge photo of Gordon Johncock’s Patrick Racing car in 1976. That’s crew chief George Huening sitting on the car. (Hope I spelled your name right George:)

February 25, 2013-Hanging out

Great picture from Motor Sport retro: Hill and Clark the 1965 and 1966 Indy winners

February 22, 2013-Basketball Playing Drivers

The picture says it all

February 21, 2013-Yesterday’s answer

Yesterday’s photo was the all Watson Roadster front row from 1958. Dick Rathmann was on the pole but finished 27th after being envolved in the first lap crash that took the life of Pat O’Connor. Ed Elision started 2nd and was also in the third turn 1st lap mess and finished 28th while outside front […]

February 20, 2013-Yesterdays answer and new quiz question

Several of you answered here and on Facebook that yesterdays answer was Alex “Pink” Lloyd from 2009. He started 11th, completed all 200 laps to finish 13th. Today’s quiz is what year is this front row picture from and who are these guys? Hint: 7 cars never completed the first lap.