February 5, 2013-Who are these guys?

howdy holmes, al jr, roberto guerrero


  1. Jim Williams · · Reply

    Dave, will the newly renovated Grandstand E be an all aluminum grandstand or will it also be comprised of concrete and wooden seats?

    1. Good question, I’ll find out.

      1. Jim Williams · ·

        Thanks for doing the legwork on this. I do not know if you ever knew my deceased uncle or not, his name was Russ Dowden. He bought Clint Brawner’s house at 24th and G’town Rd. It has since been sold to the Speedway and they have turned it into greenspace.
        When Russ was alive, it was a great place to hangout. McElreaths would come in and stay there during the month of May. Larry Brawner would come in for the month of May along with so many others.
        When I was a kid, Russ used to take me to Rufus Gray’s so that I could hang out with them. Back then drivers like Mario and Sammy Sessions used to drive the 83 Gapco Spl. I also had the chance to grow up around AJ Foyt, Mel Kenyon, James and Jimmy McElreath, and the Bettenhausens. It was so great and as a kid, I did not even realize it.
        Now, I teach at Center Grove HS and I am jealous of you during the month of May. Thanks for the emails and hopefully, we can meet us some day soon.
        Jim Williams

      2. Thanks for sharing your memories Jim. Years ago I wanted to buy Clint Brawner’s house my self so I could hang out where they built Mario’s winner! Glad you got to:) Appreciate you stopping by the site.

  2. Bryan Be · · Reply

    That’s Howdy Holmes(still love Jiffy Cornbread mix), Al Jr. and Roberto Guerrero..

    1. Right again Bryan:)

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