February 8, 2013-STP Novi Ad

Love these spots from the IMS Radio Network. Especially Sid’s tag at the end:)

STP ad-Novi click here to listen

unser-novi Hurtabise



  1. God I love that! Lets go racin’!
    My dad always told me how awesome the Novi engine was. He would always talk about it’s distinctive sound. I would love to see them take one a few laps around the Speedway.
    Love the old radio ads, and how you can hear Tom carnegie on the pa in the background.
    Great stuff!

    1. Couldn’t agree more…
      I started coming to the track in 1971 so I missed the NOVI/roadster era too. It was great seeing Parnelli Jones take Ol’ Calhoun out for a few laps during qualifying last year. I think people were more excited seeing that than anything else that day. Anyway, hearing Sid Collins and Tom Carnegie brought back a lot of good memories.

      One other thing…
      I would love it if the scrapped the new formula and went back to cars with no ground effects, limited wing surface area, and no turbochargers. This in effect would slide the scale of racing back to the drivers where it belongs and away from the engineers, and certainly lower the cost as well. New track records are great but they’re not the reason I go to the speedway.

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