February 13, 2013-Jim Crawford Happy Birthday

Born today in 1948 he had 8 starts from 1985 to 1993 with a best finish of 6th in 1988 when he led 8 laps. He missed the show in 1994 and 1995 then retired to St. Petersburg, FL where he worked as a fishing boat Captain.

jim crawford jim crawford 3


  1. Jim Crawford was one of my favorites. I never met him but he seemed like a quiet, humble man.
    I was sitting at the south end when he had the crash during time trials in ’87. It was pretty awful to watch, and hear, as they tried to extracate him from the car…..he had serious leg injuries, all too common back then.
    He was always

  2. He was always one of the Buick V-6 guys, and to see him bring it to the end of the race in ’88 was cool. Always hoped he would have a shot at the Pole someday.
    I believe Jim passed away in the last 10-12 years..

    1. Yes, he passed in 2002

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