February 20, 2013-Yesterdays answer and new quiz question

Several of you answered here and on Facebook that yesterdays answer was Alex “Pink” Lloyd from 2009. He started 11th, completed all 200 laps to finish 13th.

Sam Schmidt and Alex Lloyd

Sam Schmidt and Alex Lloyd

Today’s quiz is what year is this front row picture from and who are these guys? Hint: 7 cars never completed the first lap.



  1. Chris Flowers · · Reply

    1958. Rathmann, elisian, and Reece

  2. It must be 1958 then. I think that’s Jim Rathmann on the Pole. I know Ed Elisian was up there, but not sure who else without looking it up..

  3. Yep… 1958…
    Dick Rathmann (his given name was James), Ed Elisian, Jimmy Reece.

    I remember listening to DD relay the events leading up to the first lap accident that began with Rathmann and Elisian getting together, and the dynamic between the two… Interesting.

  4. Tom Morris · · Reply

    I think that is a “stand in” for Elisian…thought I read that somewhere. Maybe not. I do know he had a lot of off track problems, i.e gambling, etc. Heck of a driver…and like many died too soon.

    1. Yeah, it’s amazing any of these guys lived.

      With no roll bars, skinny tires, aluminum gas tanks carrying 75 gallons of gasoline or more, no fire suits, inadequate helmets, all while traveling 180 mph plus down the straightaway…

      As Hemingway said, “there are only three true sports…”

      I remember looking at the 1955 starting line-up, and 14 or 15 of the starting 33 eventually died behind the wheel of a race car.

  5. Also…

    1958 was Lou Palmers 1st year as a member of the IMS radio broadcast team.
    And, he was stationed in turn 3. Talk about baptism by fire…

    By the way, anyone know if the radio broadcast for this race will ever be available?

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