April 8, 2013-Frank Lockhart Happy Birthday

Born on this day in 1903 in Dayton, OH.

Winner of the 1926 500. What an amazing driver he was.

From Wikipedia:

Lockhart began his career in Frontenac-prepared Fords (Fronty Fords) at board track racing events, where he showed remarkable speed against the dominating Duesenbergs and Millers for two seasons.[2] His big break came when he was signed as a relief driver for Peter Kreis‘s eight-cylinder supercharged Miller at the 1926 Indianapolis 500.[1] He convinced Kreis to allow him to take some “warm up” laps, and he clocked quicker times than Kreis (120.919 mph {194.59 km/h}). He set a new unofficial track record on his first official qualifying lap (a three lap average was used to set a track record). He cut down a tire and crashed on the second qualifying lap. He also had mechanical problems on his second attempt. He slowed down on his third and final attempt, and qualified 20th overall with a speed of 95.780 mph (154.113 km/h). On race day, he moved from 20th to fifth by Lap 5, having had passed 14 cars on that lap alone.[1]He moved up to second on Lap 16.[1] Lockhart took the lead from Dave Lewis shortly after a rain delay on Lap 72. Lewis and Lockhart battled for the lead for the next 20 laps, until Lewis dropped out.[1] Lockhart nearly stretched out a two lap lead before rain ended the race on Lap 160,[2] becoming the fourth rookie to win the Indianapolis 500.

Lockhart bought the car. He later bought a second Miller car, and he set track records almost everywhere he went. He won four more AAA championship events in 1926, and finished second in the standings.[1]


frank_lockhart 1926

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