September 18-1954 & 1965 The Hoosier Hundred at the Indiana State Fair Grounds

Today in 1954 Jimmy Bryan(’58)won the Hoosier Hundred over Bob Sweikert(’55) and Sam Hanks(’57). 18 cars started the race with 19 cars missing the show including Pat Flaherty(’56). Johnnie Parsons(’50) finished 16th. Bryan would go on to win this race the next two years to complete 3 in a row.

In 1965 AJ Foyt(’61-’64-’67’77) beat Mario Andretti(’69) and Jud Larson to win his 4th of 6 victories at the Indiana State Fairgrounds. Bobby Unser(’68-’75-’81) finished 4th and Johnny Rutherford(’74-’76-’80) came home 6th. 18 cars started the race with Gordon Johncock(’73-’82) and Al Unser(’70-’71-’78-’87) joining the 14 drivers to miss the show.foyt 1965

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