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Race Day 2015

I do a radio show every week that’s posted on Here is the audio from that show with various photos from the day taken from the 9th floor of the Pagoda. 5:30 AM   Mass with Fr Glen O’Connor. He went on to work on the #21 crew     It’s good to be […]

May 3, 2015-Practice day, new areo kits

Beautiful day for practice at IMS! Back getting ready for my 49th 500. I’ll be updating this site as well as working for Bob and Tom and the IMS Radio Network. Very excited about all of this. Talked with the pole sitter from the last 2 years, Ed Carpenter about the new Speedway Areo kits and […]

Davey Hamilton’s new job and May plans

It’s no secret to race fans that USAC has problems. Many say they started in the 70’s when their leadership were fatally injured in a plane crash. Today there are several facets of the USAC business model which are working and a few that can use some help. That’s why I agree with the USAC […]

November 25, 2014-Paul Page Interview

Follow this link to my web site to listen to an entertaining conversation with Paul Page  

September 10, 2014-Bob Jenkins Interview from the Dave “the king” Wilson Radio show

This is from my weekly radio show available at Please follow me on Twitter @ohmanitstheking for updates on who is on each week.

Bill Durbin Photos-Quals May 2014

June 25, 2013-Mike Hull on Donald

Mike Hull DD    

June 17, 2013-Ryan Hunter-Reay on Donald


June 14, 2012-Graham Rahal & Marco Andretti on Donald


June 11, 2013-Dario Franchitti on Donald

Posted this unedited because it shows how much history about the Speedway