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November 6, 2012-Sid Collins on driver’s superstitions

During the a race broadcast, Sid runs down some things that make the drivers nervous:) BTW: Not politically correct by today’s standards.   Sid on Superstitions click here to listen

October 7, 2012-Sid sells his Radio Network High Lights Album

Sids radio network album ad  click here to listen Here’s Sid Collins ad for the album, Great Moments from the Indy 500, containing clips from the IMS Radio Network Broadcasts. This ad was run during the Indianapolis 500 broadcasts.

October 6, 2012- Sid Collins talks with Barry Goldwater

Sid talks to Barry Goldwater click here to listen

September 2, 2012-Sid talks with Michael Landon

During the rain delay on day 1 of the 1967 500, Sid spoke with Michael Landon in the radio network booth Sid-Michael Landon click here to listen

August 28, 2012-Sid Collins interviews Loren Greene-1967

During the rain relay on day 1 of the 1967 500, Sid spoke with actor/signer Loren Greene. Sid-Loren Greene click here to listen

August 22, 2012-Sid Collins interviews Hugh Downs

It’s a tradition that continues to this day, the voice of the 500 talking with celebrities during the race broadcast. It’s more difficult to fit these in today because the cars are quicker and there are several more  fuel stops than in the past but they’re still fun. Here Sid interviews Hugh Downs: TV host, […]