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New scoreboards at night

  Most everyone has heard about the installation of the new scoreboards at @IMS The new boards need to be “burned in” so they are on all night. I drove by to get some photos of the effect the light has on Georgetown Road. These things are BRIGHT! my favorite is how they illuminate the […]

November 17, 2014-Round About Opens

Well, like it or not, it’s finished. The round about opened at 5:00 Am this morning. Here are 4 trips through and around the big traffic circle.  

November 12, 2014-Round about from the air

October 28, 2014-Round About nearly Finished

Hearing it may open by the middle of November! This video and pictures were shot from the back of the penthouse seats over Grandstand E. The ground level view was shot from the Administration building parking lot facing East. Ok, So I turned around and shot some pictures of the infield too:) Can’t help it! […]

October 27, 2014-AJ Foyt’s new building on Main Street-Speedway, IN.

You’ve heard about AJ buying a building on Main Street and the renovation’s are happening, Drove by Sunday and took a couple pictures from the car.

October 14, 2014-Roundabout “Strange days Indeed”

These were taken standing on 16th street in the West bound lanes. The first group shot looking Northwest to Southwest. Then I turned around and shot an empty 16th Street Looking East Strange Days Indeed-

October 12, 2014-Roundabout construction update

These pictures were taken from 2 different locations standing on Crawfordsville road in the east bound lanes looking south east to northeast.