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Justin Wilson remembered-Construction closes Georegtown Rd


New scoreboards at night

  Most everyone has heard about the installation of the new scoreboards at @IMS The new boards need to be “burned in” so they are on all night. I drove by to get some photos of the effect the light has on Georgetown Road. These things are BRIGHT! my favorite is how they illuminate the […]

March 18, 2013-Grandstand E update

March 4, 2013-Grandstand E coming back together

January 30, 2013-Speedway Motel tear down pix and yesterdays answer

I never stayed there but in September of 1964 the Beatles did:)   Yesterdays quiz answer is Slick Racin Gardner. One race, 1996, started and finished 25th  

January 24, 2013-Grandstand E rebuilding

She’s coming back! Their starting to put her back together.

January 18, 2013-Grandstand E still missing

Some new views and pictures of the still being cleaned up Grandstand E