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Justin Wilson remembered-Construction closes Georegtown Rd

New scoreboards at night

  Most everyone has heard about the installation of the new scoreboards at @IMS The new boards need to be “burned in” so they are on all night. I drove by to get some photos of the effect the light has on Georgetown Road. These things are BRIGHT! my favorite is how they illuminate the […]

March 18, 2013-Grandstand E update

March 4, 2013-Grandstand E coming back together

January 30, 2013-Speedway Motel tear down pix and yesterdays answer

I never stayed there but in September of 1964 the Beatles did:)   Yesterdays quiz answer is Slick Racin Gardner. One race, 1996, started and finished 25th  

January 24, 2013-Grandstand E rebuilding

She’s coming back! Their starting to put her back together.

January 18, 2013-Grandstand E still missing

Some new views and pictures of the still being cleaned up Grandstand E

January 1, 2013-Who are these people? Answer of yesterdays question

Yesterdays picture showed Al Unser left, Bobby Unser right and Louis Unser. Photo taken I think around 1964! Up next, who is the driver, the interviewer and the lady on the right?

December 20, 2012-Kevin Forbes on diamond grinding the track surface

Remember the hub bub about the Speedway’s surface being diamond ground and it messed up tires. Here’s Kevin Forbes explaining what actually takes place when diamond grinding the track. From June of 2009

October 24, 2012-Grandstand E update

Work continues on the grand Lady of the 1st turn