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Video rear engine Indy cars at IMS


Video of front engine cars on the Speedway


100th running video

Press conference today regarding next years race and the year long celebration. Love this video from IMS Productions

November 17, 2014-Round About Opens

Well, like it or not, it’s finished. The round about opened at 5:00 Am this morning. Here are 4 trips through and around the big traffic circle.  

October 28, 2014-Round About nearly Finished

Hearing it may open by the middle of November! This video and pictures were shot from the back of the penthouse seats over Grandstand E. The ground level view was shot from the Administration building parking lot facing East. Ok, So I turned around and shot some pictures of the infield too:) Can’t help it! […]

December 18, 2012-Lap around Texas Motor Speedway

From June of 2007  

October 5, 2012-In the mix, carb day 2009

Let’s take a walk between garages B and C. It’s 10:15 AM ET on Carb day morning, 2009 The band photo is of 3 Doors Down, they played that day

October 3, 2012-AJ Watson interview

This was done on his 85th birthday back in 2009. Great man:) Find out more at

October 2, 2012-Lap around IMS

Safety 1 takes us around the Indianapolis Motor Speedway. This was filmed in May, 2007

September 13, 2012-Lets’s head out on the line!

Recorded May 7, 2009. Hopped on board the D&R golf cart with Larry Curry for the trip from Gasoline Ally to their pits on the North end. Larry talks about what he’s doing that morning, plus you can hear Bob Jenkins on the PA plus cars leaving the pits.