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March 14, 2013-Donald Davidson and Me

Sitting on the 4th floor of the Media Center during a qualification show on WIBC in 2004. Photo by Indianapolis Star

February 28, 2013-Toro Tractor race on Monument Circle

Every May Toro would stage a tractor race between my afternoon show and the WIBC morning show. Usually we would win because we cheated:) Big Joe would pull their plug wire loose or let air out of their tires. Of course I did the PA which left space on my team to recruit ringers. This year […]

January 23, 2013-Doing the show in the Garage Area

Ernie Mills took this picture of Big Joe Staysniak and I starting out our live show on WIBC in the Garages during a practice day. Looks nice and warm doesn’t it:)

September 29, 2012-Two legends of the Speedway

This picture was taken during my radio show just before the Brickyard 400 in 2005. I’m live on Monument Circle in downtown Indianapolis, IN. I’m very fortunate to say I know both Donald Davidson and the late Tom Carnegie. BTW: Tom is wearing a “Indianapolis 500 Oldtimers Club”  hat. As a media member you can […]

September 12, 2012-John Andretti on the difference between 1994 and 2007

In 2007 John returned to the Speedway in an IndyCar for the first time since doing the double (Indy and Charlotte in the same day) in 1994. BTW:He was the first to do the double. I was on WIBC at the time and this was live on the air. My buddy Big Joe Staysniak did […]

August 9, 2012-Tony Stewart 1997

Over the years I’ve been very lucky to do radio interviews from Gasoline Ally. I’ve worked for the IMS Radio Network, WIBC, WNDY TV-23  and Bob & Tom who I still help. In 1997 I was on WIBC afternoons and I would originate my show from 4 to 6 in Gasoline Ally and from 6 […]