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Bill Durdin Race day Pix 2014

Many thanks to everyone who contributes photos for me to share on my site. Bill Durbin does a great job and is a nice man. If he would just stop hanging out with that Bob Jenkins fellow……..:)

Bill Durbin Photos-Quals May 2014

July 17, 2013-Bill Durbin Pixs

Thanks to our friend and long time Indy 500 fan Bill Durbin, we have some photos to share from this years race

October 11, 2012-Track Memories-Bill Durbin

If you have a picture you’d like to share with your fellow IMS Fans send it to: racinirl@gmail.com Include a note about the pix, people, location, date, any other thoughts. We kick it off with Bill’s photo and thoughts. Thanks Mr. Durbin:) Here’s a picture of me with Don Branson in the early 60’s. My […]