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Helio, Power, Pagenaud on Bob & Tom

Fun show this morning at 10:00 am when we had 3/4 of Team Penske live from Gasoline Ally. So much fun, give it a listen. Special thanks to Scott Fenstermaker for his engineering, photo and last minute head phone repair skills:)

October 6, 2014-Bob Gates-Indiana Racing Memorial Association

Great time talking with Bob about IRMA and the books he’s written on 3 hero’s of the 50’s and 60’s Go to http://www.davethekingwilson.com and click on radio show for the audio. Tell a friend won’t ya:)

September 10, 2014-Bob Jenkins Interview from the Dave “the king” Wilson Radio show

This is from my weekly radio show available at http://www.davethekingwilson.com Please follow me on Twitter @ohmanitstheking for updates on who is on each week.

February 1, 2013-Yesterdays answer and Valentine’s day show

The front row picture from yesterdays quiz was from 2008. Ryan Briscoe started 3rd and finished 23rd after having contact with Ms. Patrick. Dan Wheldon started 2nd and finished 12th after leading 30 laps and Scott Dixon won from the pole leading 115 laps.     Want to try something different with your sweetie on […]

November 12, 2012-Jay Leno

Many remember Jay Leno driving the Pace car at the 1999 500 and he was the flagman at Moto GP in 2011. But I got to hang with him back in 1983! Jay was in town working at a comedy club. He was filming several short comedy pieces to run coming in and out of […]