May 3, 2015-Practice day, new areo kits

Beautiful day for practice at IMS!

Back getting ready for my 49th 500. I’ll be updating this site as well as working for Bob and Tom and the IMS Radio Network. Very excited about all of this.

Talked with the pole sitter from the last 2 years, Ed Carpenter about the new Speedway Areo kits and their affect.

Also have sound one one of the pillars of the Indianapolis Motor Speedway, the Gordon Pipers. They pass by me on the way from Gasoline Ally to pit lane. You can hear cars on the track in the background:)

Thanks for reading and sharing this web site, lot’s more to come this month.

Here’s my talk with Ed

The Gordon Pipers

Ed Carpenter talking with 2 time winner Al Unser Jr. (92-94)



Ed’s always great with the fans.



Tony George and Al Jr. converse



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