The Speedway Daily is born! 7/26/12

Hello. I’m a life long fan of the Indianapolis Motor Speedway. Grew up near 30th and Georgetown road. Hardly a day goes by that I don’t think about what’s going on at IMS or what took place in days gone by. The cars, Drivers, Mechanics and Media members are all ingrained in the history of the Speedway and will all be remembered in these pages.

Now, why John Andretti’s picture in post number 1? Well, he’s my friend and the Speedway Daily is my labor of love, so there.  OK, that’s not the only reason. 16 years ago John, Joe Staysniak and I started the Race4Riley. We just completed this years event and it may post a record amount of dough for the kids. For sure we will pass the $2 million dollar mark in total donations. Plus John was the first driver to do the double, running the Indy 500 and 600 in Charlotte, NC in one day.

Check back often, tell your friends and give me some feedback. Thanks

Dave Wilson

David A. Wilson


Northwest High School-Indianapolis Graduated 1973


1973-1975 Em-Roe Sporting Goods-Retail

1975-1983 Various Small engine retailers and wholesalers, Worked in sales,   management and parts departments.


1983-1994 Stand up comedian. Headlined Comedy Clubs and other venues across the country. Appeared on several national and local TV and Radio programs.

1984 Showtime’s Funniest Comic in Indiana winner.

2009-Present Performing and producing comedy shows with a message


1992-2009 Owned and operated One-Liners Comedy Club and Wilson’s Bar in Greenwood, IN.

10,000 sq ft operation. Comedy shows 5 nights a week. Booked acts and performed. Managed Wilson’s Bar & Restaurant

1994-1996 Speedway Audio – Owned and operated a wed site that manufactured and sold copies of the IMS Radio Network broadcasts of Indianapolis 500 races

2010-2012 Wilson Productions-Produces an Internet radio staion based in Franklin, IN as well as Video and Podcasts pertaining to activities in Central Indiana.

Public Address

1994-1997 Indianapolis Colts Announcer @ RCA Dome

1997-2000 Indiana Pacers fill in Announcer

1997-1998 Indianapolis Motor Speedway Announcer


1993-1996  ESPN-Pit reporter for Saturday Night and Thursday Night Thunder

1993-1995  WNDY-TV Indianapolis. Covered The 500 and 400 at IMS as a reporter

1994-1996  WNDY-TV Indianapolis. Hosted late night movie show

1994-1995  ESPN2 Play by Play anchor for Saturday Night Lighting  Kart Races


1983-1995 WFBQ-Bob & Tom Show-“The King” Comedy Character

1991-1995 WFBQ-Bob & Tom Show-Racing Reporter for the show

1991-1994 WNDE Sunday Morning Sports Talk Show-Host

2003-Present Indianapolis Motor Speedway Radio Network-Color commentator, Stats, Pit Reporter.

1995-2009 WIBC-Host of The Dave Wilson Show Arbitron ranked #3 12 Plus Fall book 2008


“Resurrection” portrayed Franklin


1992-2009 One-Liners Comedy Club hosted fund raising and charity events weekly.

Estimated over $500,000 in contributions in 16 years of operation

1996-2011  Kroger Race for Riley presented by Cheerio’s in 14 years John Andretti and I

raised over 1.9 million dollars for Riley’s Children’s Hospital in Indy. We

also brought awareness to the importance of the work and research there.


  1. John Andretti = one of the most fan-friendly racers alive. And one helluva shoe. It was terrific hearing him on the network this last weekend. He could do that sort of thing for a living. Say, wait a minute…!

    Thanks King, us Tennesseans look forward with interest to your future postings!

  2. Cool! I’ll be here often!

    Matt Golden

  3. Marc Rucker · · Reply

    Thanks for sharing your memories with the rest of the IMS fans. We will enjoy the perpective that only a track insider can provide. Your love for the Speedway has always been obvious.

  4. Holly Johnston · · Reply

    Good luck on your new endeavor! I’ll visit often and will spread the word!!

  5. Lenny Ten Barge · · Reply

    Well done king!!!! the speedway is my favorite place in the world!!!!!!!!!

  6. King,
    So glad you’ve made a new home on the web!

    Indianapolis radio took a hard right turn into the wall in 2009: I just stopped listening to drive-time radio after that.

    I grew up at 30th & High School Road, and distinctly remember hearing the whine of those 4-cam Fords running practice laps as I sat in Wheeler Elementary.

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