January 21, 2013-Man it’s cold!

Whew it’s bitter cold here in Indianapolis today. Supposed to get colder Tuesday:( So I thought a picture of fog, green grass, trees with leaves on them and of course, the Pagoda might warm us up:)

Pagoda, fog, golf course Pagoda, fog, golf course2


  1. Sandy Hintz · · Reply

    This weather is no big deal from anyone who has lived in Wisconsin. It is amusing to listen to the weather reports giving warnings, etc. Winter in Korea was a lot tougher than this and we all lived in tents. So was the weather during the Battle of the Bulge. We just accepted nature as it was given to us. (Now, I have to put another log on my cozy fire….)

  2. Phil Berg · · Reply

    Thanks for the picture of the Greatest Racecourse in the World. Unlike Sandy, it is damn cold and it gets colder each year I am alive. Here is to hoping for 75 and Sunny on RaceDay which is just a mere 122 days away!!!!

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